Are you doing enough to avoid the Coronavirus AND Gout Attacks?

gout and coronovirus

Can this virus raise your threat of a Gout attack?

Can illness increase your arthritic joint pain and inflammation, in general?

As the coronavirus spreads it is important not only to reduce your exposure, but also to boost your immunity should exposure become your reality. We have always preached the necessity to enhance your immune system in order to fight chronic inflammation and Gout, and now it’s more important than ever! Some tweaks to our diet, water intake, supplement selections, our actions and our thought patterns, can make this all possible.

Optimizing your health through diet, water, sleep, and supplementation won’t only enhance your health overall, it will enhance your body’s ability to ward or fight off any of those nasty germs surrounding you. Even if you succumb to the germs, you can drastically reduce the severity of the hit with a strengthened immune system. Whilst you’re keeping your immune system up, don’t forget to visit a website to buy a face covering of some sort to protect you when you’re out and about. Local shops will also be selling face masks if you cannot access any online.

Sleep might just be at the top of the most underrated list. Lack of sleep can really weigh on your immune system making you susceptible to environmental influences such as colds and flu viruses. Please aim for a solid 8 hours, without medication if possible. Sleep drugs pretty much defeat the purpose and only add to the body’s acidity, causing more trouble in the long run.

Reduce stress! Prolonged cortisol release can suppress the immune system. When the immune system is subjected to incessant inflammation, the systems of the body fail to communicate. When the organs and functions of the body are no longer working together you are placed at a much higher risk for a multitude of serious health conditions ranging from elevated cold and flu susceptibility to something as critical as Cancer development.

Exercise is another sure-fire method to assist with both illness prevention and better sleep patterns. Exercise reduces stress, reduces the body’s acidity, and even allows the changes in body temperature/circadian rhythms to naturally promote daytime alertness and evening sleep. If you must resort to assistance, try low-dose Melatonin until you can achieve a pattern of sleep for your body’s needs.

Lastly — keep your inflammation low, your vitamins and antioxidants high, and your gut flora balanced.

If you suffer with chronic inflammation, your body is more than exhausted from that constant ‘fire and fight’ causing you to remain highly susceptible to viruses and bacteria. All of the above will go a long way towards not only addressing virus prevention, but also aid in combatting the inflammation lurking behind other chronic conditions you may be plagued by.

Gout sufferers — if you need to resort to any medications, be sure to avoid all with Acetaminophen (Tylenol.) It can place unnecessary stress on your liver and severely limit uric acid excretion. Additionally, try to keep any inflamed areas warm and above the heart.

Consider taking a high quality probiotic and an all-natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory formula. There are comprehensive options out there that pack these immune-boosting options into one capsule. Do your research to find what may work best for you. Sites like Quantum Health have a variety of immune-boosting supplements there to help you fight against a multitude of illnesses and decide on which ones best for you. Above all, remember that your body is a vessel that requires your attention, and it’s the only one you have!

Suggested products to fight Coronavirus AND Gout:

Vitamin D – Every single cell and tissue requires this crucial Vitamin for its well-being! Vitamin D plays a key-role in supporting a strong immune system.

Krill Oil – Supplementing with Omega 3 fatty acids can greatly increase the activation and number of T-cells, further enhancing the immune system.

Probiotics – Close to 80% of our immune system resides in our digestive tract. Probiotics even go beyond the gut to support other systems of the body including the respiratory system, our kidneys, and our skin. Scientists theorize that some strains of probiotic bacteria may boost adult immune response and reduce inflammation. This suggests some potential for helping to fight infection.

Flamasilâ„¢ – Why? Because this products is PACKED with the best anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ingredients any single formula can offer. Garlic, Turmeric (Curcumin), Grape Seed Extract, and many more are all combined to arm you with all of the tools you need to fight Coronavirus, Gout, Inflammation, and more.


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