Uric Acid in the Joints

Soluble uric acid can be measured in your blood supply. However, the uric acid that has crystallized and is now residing in connective tissue cannot be measured with a blood analysis. These crystals are always there, in a solid form, “melting” when the levels in the blood will allow, and adding to the build up when levels in the blood become too high for the blood to carry. These deposits are what migrate into the joint causing the acute gout attack. When the tissue is full, any food indulgences and lifestyle choices that cause you to produce more uric acid than the blood can hold, will allow for deposits that crystallize between the bone joints. This can make you falsely blame one food for triggering your attack when in all actuality it simply “tipped the already full cup over.”

Key Points About Uric Acid Build-up in the Joints:

Uric Acid crystals can take years to accumulate
Uric Acid crystals can cause severe damage to the joints
Uric Acid crystals can build slowly in several joints
Excess build up can cause tophi deposits and lead to severe deformity

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Arthrocentesis, or joint aspiration, is the only secure method of evaluating any crystallized deposits in the joints. A sterile needle and syringe are used to remove some of the synovial fluid and determine the source of the deposits causing the pain and swelling. In addition to testing the type of crystals that are present, this fluid can also be tested for white cell count, protein, glucose, or cultured to detect a possible infection. Synovial fluid removal can also bring some relief to the joint pain and swelling. When white blood cells are removed, the inflammation could potentially be reduced. People who suffer with Gout commonly overproduce or under-excrete uric acid. In extreme cases, a person may fall into both categories, causing severe Gout attacks, repeatedly. As mentioned above, blood serum testing will not show the amount of uric acid crystallized in connective tissue. This insoluble amount is the culprit ready to incite the next acute gout attack.

Avoiding inefficient waste elimination and/or excessive waste creation is dependent upon:

Aiming for a healthy pH in the body (mainly with your diet)

Proper hydration (water only)

Reducing (better yet eliminating) alcohol

Obtaining a healthy body weight

Lower sugar intake

Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids

Taking organ supporting vitamins and supplements

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