The Benefits of Turmeric (Curcumin) – Gout, Inflammation and Disease

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TURMERIC (Curcumin)

Herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group. Turmeric (Curcumin) is among these potent antioxidants. With its use, one could help prevent DNA mutations that lead to cancer and other disease. The number of cells with DNA damage could essentially be cut in half with just a little bit of this yellow magic.

A number of clinical trials have tested Curcumin (the pigment in Turmeric that yields its bright yellow color) against a number of diseases. The trials have shown this spice to play a significant role in the prevention and/or treatment of brain diseases, a variety of cancers, lung diseases, and painful joint conditions.

Throughout this site, we have shown good cause for ditching all of the low-purine theories and instead focusing on the necessity of repairing the cells in the body; which accounts for over 70% cause of all uric acid production. Cellular repair and regeneration is possible, and very necessary to stop the root cause of your painful attacks. Chronic inflammation is at the root of all disease and addressing the health of our cells is crucial to stopping its destruction.

Aside from the obvious diet, water and lifestyle balances that will support this process, there is also supplement support that can help rebuild from the inside out. Turmeric (Curcumin) is one of those important herbs, especially when it comes to liver support and regeneration. The liver plays a large role in Gout development and control, and it happens to be one of the most forgiving of all organs. Liver regeneration might just be one of the easiest to accomplish and 100% necessary to address Gout control.

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The Problem with Turmeric (Curcumin)

In raw form, it doesn’t take much to make an impact. However, many do not enjoy the taste of this spice or choose to cook with it often enough to make a long-term difference. Until recently, supplementation was rather controversial due to Turmeric’s (Curcumin) inability to remain active in the body long enough to provide the wide array of benefits it is capable of. Any use is still good use, but optimizing the amount of time Turmeric remains active in the blood and the body, is rather essential. Many supplements use piperine (black pepper) to help increase the absorption rate. That has been a huge help for better absorption, but nothing has compared to the latest powerhouse, BCM-95® Turmeric (Curcumin).

One published clinical study really caught some attention. A bio-enhanced manufacturing method was able to deliver a remarkable 96% absorption with this new technology. Until recently, this was unheard of.

BCM-95® Turmeric (Curcumin) was able to reach a peak in the bloodstream within one hour, dip briefly at two hours post-dose, and reach a second even higher peak at 4 1/2 hours post consumption. Even after 8 hours, Curcumin was still detectable in the blood.

The formulators were able to reincorporate the components of raw turmeric root, normally removed during extraction, and greatly enhance the bio-availability of the active constituents in the process.

Chart 2. Super Bio-Curcumin® (BCM-95®) showed 6.9 times greater bioavailability (absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) in humans compared with conventional curcumin (as measured by the area under the curve [AUC] in a plot of blood levels against time, that is, the total amount of curcumin absorbed by the body over 8 hours).

Chart 3. Super Bio-Curcumin® (BCM-95®) showed 6.3 times greater bioavailability (absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) in humans compared to plant-bound curcumin with piperine (as measured by the area under the curve [AUC] in a plot of blood levels against time, that is, the total amount of curcumin absorbed by the body over 8 hours).

Key Points About Turmeric (Curcumin):

Turmeric is an all natural anti-inflammatory
Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant
Turmeric can be rather difficult for the body to absorb
BCM-95® Bio-enhanced version offers amazing benefits
BCM-95® can keep working in the body for 8 hours per dose

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New Year’s Resolution – Gout Free in the New Year

What is the number one reason that New Year’s resolutions fail?

Most people know what they want, but they don’t fully understand how to actually achieve their goal. Most resolutions require a decent amount of patience and understanding, and whole lot of effort. We cannot treat a marathon like a sprint; bad habits don’t die easily. You must approach this goal with the understanding that Gout did not take place overnight, and neither will your healing. So many people fail at achieving their goals because they are in too much of a hurry and desire immediate satisfaction. When it comes to Gout pain, it is easily understood why we resort to quick-fix prescription medications even though we know they aren’t really “fixing” anything. We need immediate pain relief, and rightfully so. However, you can still begin the true healing process and we can show you the way. Having a New Year’s Resolution for Joint health and Gout Control is a great idea. You may know what you want, but not how to go about achieving this goal – BUT WE DO!

A few life-changing Louise Hay Affirmations by Jennifer Williamson – You CAN Heal Your Life:

“I listen with love to my body’s messages.

My body responds to the way I treat it, speak to it, and think of it. I nourish my body with healthy food and helpful thoughts. I speak to it like a friend, and so it is a friend.” “Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing. I am worthy of the time I spend on my healing. I am allowed to heal, to feel better, and to honor the pain without getting stuck there.” “I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health. I am open to new solutions and ways to heal. I have an open heart and an open mind. I’m willing to see what I wasn’t willing to see before. I’m willing to try new things and ask for help and give myself the grace of patience as I explore.”

How can we help you?

While we sell the best, natural Gout supplements on the market, we also provide free and valuable information WITHOUT purchase. Supplements are often the missing link to people’s Gout control efforts. You can follow every suggestion below and make a big difference in your health, regardless. What supplements offer in addition to lifestyle changes is the ability to boost the very systems of the body that have been “beat up on” for years. The more cleansing and daily support you can provide to your body, the easier you can heal and maintain control. Repairing your body at a cellular level is key to this new health quest. Supplements provide the tool(s) necessary to support this effort.

One cannot “try” to heal, one must “do” healing.

Everything you see below likely will seem repetitive and redundant, not unlike all the other suggestions you’ve read about time and again. However, we are equally as likely to provide reasoning for those suggestions that are unlike what you’ve heard before. We’ve been experts in Gout control for over two decades. Weight Loss Ironically enough, this is usually the actual resolution for many people without Gout. When it comes to Gout Control, it needs to be an intricate part of your goal if you are overweight. Obesity is a top contributor to Gout development, but fast weight loss can also bring on an attack.
Stress Control Stress is a lurid offender to our health. It can alter the cells in our body and cause chronic inflammation. See how stress may be affecting your health in ways you may not even have been aware of:
Proper Hydration Nothing counts as water except for water. Nothing. Do not fool yourself into believing that you can remain properly hydrated drinking coffee, tea, juices, and soda. No vitamin water, spritzers, etc. So how much, what kind, and why is it so important to Gout Control?
Dismiss the Protein Myths Protein is essential to every organ and function of our bodies. It is time to dispel the myths and learn how to eat properly when you suffer with Gout.
Find an exercise you enjoy, and stick with it Weight loss and stress control rely heavily on balanced diet AND exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Take a hike breathe in the beauty of the nature around you. Not only is this good exercise but great stress relief, as well. Here are some other important notes regarding exercise and Gout reduction:

Oh no! Santa has the Gout…..

How to survive the Christmas and Holiday Season if you suffer with Gout

A beacon has been sent out from the North Pole summonsing a doctor to come and see what could possibly be wrong with Santa. He can barely move his foot without pure agony. The weight of his bed cover alone is sending him through the roof in pain. Mrs. Claus is distraught. Mr. Claus is running a fever, he has the chills, and his big toe is as red and shiny as Rudolph’s nose.

The doc arrives:

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What is Refractory Gout?

Gout is the most common form of chronic, progressive, inflammatory arthritis. Its prevalence continues to increase worldwide. This condition seems to baffle several fields of medicine who deal with patients suffering with the relentless disease, including podiatrists, chiropractors, rheumatologists, and general practitioners alike.

The deposits of MSU, monosodium urate, crystals into the synovial fluid and other tissues take place when the serum uric acid concentration exceeds its solubility. As this progresses, these deposits can occur just about anywhere in the body and lead to chronic pain, bone erosions, tophi, and general joint deformities. This condition can become downright debilitating, and rather difficult to treat. Continue reading “What is Refractory Gout?”

Is the Keto diet safe for Gout Sufferers?

Contrary to popular belief, the Keto diet is not protein focused. Rather, this diet focuses on a high fat and low carb diet to shock the body into ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process where the body is able to focus on burning fat with carbs mostly out of the picture. The body doesn’t have to work hard trying to burn the carbohydrates for energy, therefore, blood sugar is lowered and fat burning becomes the main focus.

Is this good for the Gout sufferer? Continue reading “Is the Keto diet safe for Gout Sufferers?”

Gout and Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) limits the amount of waste filtration your body is capable of processing. Uric acid is not seen as a foreign matter to the body, therefore is usually last to be dealt with from a toxin filtering standpoint. This can allow for uric acid build-up, and, in turn, the increased likelihood of developing Gout. The medications used to treat kidney disease have also been associated with drug-induced cases of Gout. Diuretics and beta blockers are typically used for kidney disease induced high blood pressure and are well known to contribute to Gout development.

There is enough scientific research to confirm that kidney disease can cause Gout. How about the opposite? Can Gout lead to kidney disease? The chicken or the egg? Uric acid is filtered through the kidneys, an undeniable relation to both diseases. While this connection may be less established, the evidence is certainly present. Each condition is well-equipped to feed the other.

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Can you repair Gout and Arthritis on your own?

All natural healing is guaranteed with patience and understanding. Having a better understanding of your condition can pave the path to lifelong success in controlling it for good.  Knowledge of your disorder, and all the contributing factors in your life having led up to your very current ailment(s), can make for a better understanding of the necessary approach and commitment to resolving it. 

Inflammatory diseases are not an overnight occurrence.  Some of you may be approaching natural healing as your first form of treatment, while many of you have suffered for years upon years, and the prescription drugs are no longer helping you.  Natural healing may not be a “quick-fix”, but it also avoids the common “band-aid” for your symptoms like many modern-day prescription drugs. Instead of treating your symptoms, natural healing aims to repair the problem that is causing your symptoms in the first place.

Do you feel like you’ve already tried everything to heal on your own, without long-term success? 

Things we hear often:

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Gout, Arthritis, Inflammation: The relation to the diet

This may be one of the most complex areas to understand, and we are gaining new knowledge all the time. For far too long we have remained focused on certain food triggers rather than the source and the reasoning behind our reaction. Food selection is very important. The larger, and often overlooked, picture would be the lack of pH balance to each meal, general unhealthy food choices for far too long, high-heat cooking methods, and an overabundance of processed and now genetically modified selections in the typical diet.

Questions to consider:

  • Is red meat the enemy OR is it the grain fed caged source vs. grass fed and free to roam source?
  • Is the inflammatory inducing acid of the protein the problem OR are we not providing enough alkaline food sources in the same meal to buffer the acids and still benefit from the good it has to offer?
  • What is the true source behind the body’s inflammatory reaction?

You will continue to find conflicting information on what is considered to be a ‘healthy diet,’ rendering you helpless in making concrete decisions on your approach for change.

Here is what we do know:

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Important tips regarding Gout and other Inflammatory Conditions

Eating too much causes inflammation-

We know that overeating promotes the inflammatory response and suppresses the immune system. Tests performed by the National Institute on Aging revealed that when animals were fed 50 percent fewer calories per day, their immune response improved, the number of inflammatory cytokines in circulation was reduced, thymus size was maintained and inflammation-fighting T-cell function improved. This study looked at higher and lower calorie consumption; it did not distinguish among the types of calories consumed. Heavy, red-meat-based diets or lots of sugar-laden foods would definitely have a negative impact on immune function and promote inflammation, whereas calories in the form of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds would improve immunity. No matter what the food choices, moderation is the key in terms of both total daily quantity and amounts consumed at one time. Generally, five or six small meals (of the right foods) throughout the day are considered to be healthier than consuming fewer large ones. [4]

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Traditional Gout Medications

Most commonly prescribed Gout medication options include:

Xanthine Inhibitors: These actually block the enzyme, (xanthine oxidase) necessary for the conversion of purines to uric acid. As of result, blood serum levels are lowered and used to prevent chronic gout, stones, and hyperuricemia. It is not actually a treatment for an acute attack, and can even exacerbate an attack if used while it’s running its course. This treatment sounds good in theory, however, un-naturally stopping a very natural and necessary production such as uric acid must take its toll on the body somehow? After all, uric acid is a potent antioxidant vital to the human body. Attempting to halt its production could be detrimental to its important role as the protector of our DNA. As a result, it is necessary to monitor the liver, kidneys, and blood during its use.

Possible side effects include:

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