Why are Microencapsulated Probiotics the only way to go?

Microencapsulated probiotics are considered highly advantageous due to their ability to address several key challenges associated with traditional probiotic formulations. Here’s why they are often seen as the “only way to go” for effective probiotic delivery:

1. Superior Protection and Viability

  • Protection from Environmental Factors: Traditional probiotics are susceptible to heat, moisture, and oxygen, which can degrade their viability during storage. Microencapsulation provides a protective barrier that shields probiotics from these harmful environmental conditions.
  • Stomach Acid and Bile Resistance: The encapsulating materials can protect probiotics from the acidic environment of the stomach and the bile salts in the intestine, significantly enhancing the survival rate of the probiotics as they transit through the digestive system.
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Five signs of poor gut health – and how to start improving yours

Story by Lizzie Thomson @ MSN

Spring may be showing the first signs of springing, but the betting is that your gut is feeling far from its best – whether you realize it or not.

Stodgy winter food, a tendency towards carbs, lack of fresh fruit and a tendency to live less active lifestyles for what will have been months now could taking its toll.

But if you want to banish the winter blues, then prioritizing a healthy gut is a great place to start. ‘Most people forget that the gut does much more than simply digest your food. Gut health impacts your energy, skin and immune system, your ability to concentrate, sleep, and much more,’ says nutritionist Shona Wilkinson, from nutrition and supplement brand DR.VEGAN.

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