Can you repair Gout and Arthritis on your own?

All natural healing is guaranteed with patience and understanding. Having a better understanding of your condition can pave the path to lifelong success in controlling it for good.  Knowledge of your disorder, and all the contributing factors in your life having led up to your very current ailment(s), can make for a better understanding of the necessary approach and commitment to resolving it. 

Inflammatory diseases are not an overnight occurrence.  Some of you may be approaching natural healing as your first form of treatment, while many of you have suffered for years upon years, and the prescription drugs are no longer helping you.  Natural healing may not be a “quick-fix”, but it also avoids the common “band-aid” for your symptoms like many modern-day prescription drugs. Instead of treating your symptoms, natural healing aims to repair the problem that is causing your symptoms in the first place.

Do you feel like you’ve already tried everything to heal on your own, without long-term success? 

Things we hear often:

1) I’ve upped my water, changed my diet completely, started exercising – but I STILL have attacks.

2) I’ve tried all natural supplements before.  They don’t work for me.

3)  I eat cherries and drink tart cherry juice. (too much sugar?)

4) I take turmeric, celery seed, etc.  They help some, but not enough.

5)  The prescription drugs help, but I’m scared of their long-term side effects.

6) Even with prescription drugs, I still get Gout attacks.

7) I don’t understand what I should and should not be eating.  Conflicting information everywhere!?

If you’ve learned anything from our blog, you’ll understand that 70% of uric acid production stems from unhealthy, dying cells.  See the image below.  You’ll see that unhealthy cells have trouble not only ridding of waste products, but also taking in and absorbing nutrients.

healthy cell verses unhealthyo cell

Cellular repair is possible, and 100% necessary to truly address the problem.  It cannot be done without a fully comprehensive repair approach (diet, lifestyle, water, and high-potency, cell repairing herbs and vitamins.)

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    1. Thousands upon thousands have shared their personal Gout experiences with us over the years and many express the same notion that certain foods have caused their attacks. In theory this may make sense. However, many fail to understand an attack is a culmination of several events and consumption that eventually lead up to that breaking point. There may be a high purine food that seems to have been the sole culprit, when truly it just so happened to be the one thing that tipped the already existing build up over, subsequently “spilling over” into the acute Gout attack.

      Understanding the various stages of gout, and all of the contributors, can provide you with a much wiser system of avoidance that won’t have you questioning whether to trade a healthy, higher purine vegetable for a low-purine, but unhealthy food selection like sugar.

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